Youth Marketing


It’s the biggest question
in youth marketing

Where are your future graduates and apprentices?
Where are they studying? Where do they want to be in the future?
And where do you need to be, to engage with them? We, as youth, employer and education marketing specialists, know the answer.
How do we know? By using YWare – our market-leading insight tool.

Let’s tell you more about it.


is YWare?

YWare is one of the most powerful data visualisation tools out there. It draws together and visualises multiple strands of student data to create tailored maps of domestic and international markets.
This means it’s able to find:

  • Universities, colleges and schools that are home to the talent you need
  • Courses that deliver people with the degrees and skills you’re looking for
  • Regions and areas that are rich with your ideal audiences.

And it can do all of this quickly, too.


should you use it?

YWare takes all the guesswork out of your attraction and outreach activity, making your work:


does it work?

We’re big believers in showing rather than telling. And we’d be more than happy to give you a live demonstration. Get filling in the form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll sort a date out as soon as possible.


has used it already?

We’ve put YWare to work for quite a few clients already – HSBC and Deloitte, to name but two. It’s saved one of them £3.7m in on-campus spend. Just imagine what it could do for you.

Any Questions?

Hopefully we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions here. But if you have some more, we’d be more than happy to have a chat.

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